Last Updated: 15th March 2022

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    A Funeral Plan enables you to decide on the arrangements for a funeral in advance

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    Your money is safe guarded. The payments you make for your pre-paid funeral plan are held in trust or whole of life policy.

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    A funeral plan enables you to fix the cost of your funeral at the time of purchase.

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    A funeral plan can provide peace of mind for you and your family because the costs of your funeral will be covered by your funeral plan and therefore the burden of funeral costs removed when the time comes.

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    A funeral plan enables you to make your wishes known to your friends and family so your funeral service will be as you require.

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    You can pay for your pre-paid funeral plan in one single payment or in monthly payments.

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    A funeral plan ensures that your funeral will be conducted by a qualified, professional funeral director

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    A pre-paid funeral plan means there is less for family to arrange as the funeral is pre-planed, when the time comes the contact number on your funeral plan documentations just needs to be called. To find out what funeral plan is best for you please Click Here.

I want to make sure my children do not have to pay

When you set your Funeral Plan up today you will have the peace of mind that your children will not have to pay for your funeral costs. Your Funeral Plan will cover all the costs detailed in the funeral plan features, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions of your chosen funeral plan provider carefully – you can Contact Us should you have any questions. To view Funeral Plans please Click Here to complete the short form.

Is the price fixed?

Yes. When you set up a Funeral Plan you fix the cost of your funeral at today’s prices. Compare Funeral Plans and save up to 40% today.

When you set up your Funeral Plan today you protect yourself from price rises the – the cost of a funeral has doubled in the past 12 years so by fixing the cost of your funeral at today’s prices you can protect yourself from potential rising costs over the coming years. To compare fixed prices on a range of Funeral Plans Click Here to complete the quick form.

Can I choose my own Funeral Director?

It is possible to choose your own funeral director for certain funeral plans however on many plans the funeral director will be allocated by the funeral plan provider. Please check the terms of your plan to see the policy on funeral director allocation and nomination.

How is my money kept safe?

Current legislation as set out in the 'Regulated Activities Order' (Financial Services and Markets Act 2000) stipulates that 'sums paid by the customer under the contract will be held on trust for the purpose of providing the funeral’ or in a whole of life policy. In simple language this means that your money is completely safe guarded so it can be only used to pay for your funeral. Every Funeral Plan provider has a trust fund or whole of life policy for your monies to be paid into.

When you set up your funeral plan you will be sent a welcome pack which includes all of your funeral plan documentation, confirmation of your payment method and how your money is kept safe. When the time comes your loved ones will have one telephone number to call to arrange immediate collection to take you to the funeral home, the funeral plan provider will release the funds to the funeral director to cover the costs as detailed in your funeral plan documentation.

What types of Funeral Plans are there?

A funeral plan can be for cremation or burial, the funeral can be attended or unattended; an unattended cremation also known as a direct cremation is becoming increasingly popular.

All Funeral Plans can be customised to meet with your requirements including a religious or humanist service; readings you would like; music to be played at the opening of the service, during the service and for when guests depart the ceremony. In addition you can request what dress code you may require your guests to follow, preference on flowers, hymns, order of service and anything else that comes to mind so that all aspects of your funeral are just as you would like.

To customise your funeral to meet with your wishes and to view the options available please Click Here and complete the short form.

Will I get a Free Gift?

Yes. When you set up a funeral plan, using our service, you with receive the Funeral Plan Market Gift Box. To find the best Funeral Plan for you at the lowest possible price simply Click Here to complete the short form.

You will receive your Free Gift Box within 24 hours of your Funeral Plan being set up. Your Free Gift Box includes:

  • will service
  • £50 wine voucher

To compare prices on a range of Funeral Plans please complete the quick form when you Click Here

How many Funeral Plans are available?

Funeral Plan Market™ exclusively sells 12 Plan with Grace funeral plans. There are many more funeral plans available and you can view plan prices when you Click Here

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