Top 10 Funeral Plans 2022

Last Updated: 14th March 2022

Funeral Plan Market™ exclusively sells Plan with Grace funeral plans. You can view the prices of the top 10 funeral plan providers. Choose to pay for your funeral plan in 1 payment or monthly. To view funeral plan options please Click Here.

What are the Top 10 funeral plans?

Depending on what you want will impact on what are the top 10 funeral plans are for you. Your top funeral plans may be based on if the plan provider is regulated, which funeral plans are the cheapest or which are the most expensive. It should be noted that all UK funeral plans chosen are to be regulated on 29 July 2022. Read more here about how the FCA is regulating the funeral plans sector.

For some people their top funeral plans are those that are guaranteed. This means both the funeral directors fees and services and payment of third party fees are guaranteed. For more information about third party fees please Click Here.

Regulated Funeral Plan Providers

The Funeral Planning Authority is the regulator for funeral plans in the UK. It remains to be a voluntary code until 29 July 2022 and therefore not all funeral plans providers will be registered until then. For more information about the Funeral Planning Authority please Click Here. The Top 10 Funeral Plans are funeral plans regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority. The FCA is regulating the funeral plans sector on 29 July 2022 and this can be read here.

There are 15 providers of funeral plans that are an administered by an FPA registered provider and provide national coverage, 13 of these publish their prices are included in the funeral plan prices and features listed, these are:

  • Age UK Funeral Plans
  • Avalon Funeral Plans
  • Choice Funeral Plans
  • Co-op Funeral Care
  • Dignity Funeral Plans
  • Golden Charter funeral plans
  • Golden Leaves funeral plans
  • Memoria Low Cost Funeral
  • Plan with Grace
  • Pure Cremation
  • Simplicita (administered by Ecclesiastical)
  • Simplicity (part of Dignity)

Top 10 Cheapest Funeral Plans

Of all the funeral plans listed at Funeral Plan Market™ the top 10 cheapest funeral plans, that include an Officiant to conduct the service, in order of price – the cheapest first, are:

Ten of the cheapest funeral plans

  • Plan with Grace – Daisy (£2,790)
  • Age UK – Basic (£3,070)
  • Golden Leaves – Zinc (£3,089)
  • Co-op Funeral Care – Simple (£3,095)
  • Dignity – Limited (£3,095)
  • Plan with Grace – Tulip (£3,190)
  • Plan with Grace – Jasmin (£3,90)
  • Age UK – Ivy (£3,470)
  • Dignity – Amber (£3,495)
  • Golden Leaves – Silver (£3,594)

Of the top 10 cheapest plans listed the Plan with Grace Daisy plan is the cheapest at £2,790.

Co-op Funeral Care and Plan with Grace include guaranteed payment of medical certification fees required for cremation whereas Dignity, Age UK, Avalon and Golden Leaves do not.

Medical certification fees required for cremation are only payable in England and Wales (not Scotland) when a coroner’s report is not required.

To find out your top 10 funeral plans view plans online when you Click Here.

For a low cost option a cremation for a short early morning service before 10am, Plan with Grace provide their Rose plan at £1,990. What is becoming a more popular option is an unattended cremation, which is a cremation without a service also known as a Direct Cremation.

Top 5 Direct Cremation Plans

There are 11 providers of direct cremation funeral plans that are an administered by an FPA registered provider. Direction Cremations are an increasingly popular type of funeral and do not include a service at the crematorium and instead family and friends can choose how they wish to celebrate the life of the deceased. Of these providers 7 offer guaranteed plans meaning that the cremation fees are guaranteed to be paid; of these 6 also guarantee payment of medical certification fees required for cremation in England and Wales only when a coroner’s report is not available.

The top 5 cheapest guaranteed direct cremation plans are:

  • Plan with Grace - Direct Cremation (£1,450) – Medical fees included
  • Memoria – Direct Cremation (£1,490)
  • Co-op Funeral Care – Direct Cremation (£1,490)
  • Simplicity – Direct Cremation (£1,495)
  • Pure Cremation – Pure Cremation (£1,595) – Medical fees included

To view direct cremation plans please Click Here.

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