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Last Updated: 11th March 2022

When you plan your own funeral in advance this can be very helpful for your family and friends so they know exactly what you want and if you choose to pre-pay for your funeral it saves your family the burden of costs when you have paid for your funeral in advance.

This guide explains what to consider when planning your own funeral in advance and how you can save money when you plan your own funeral in advance.

1) The type of funeral of you want

100 years ago the most popular type of funeral was a burial in the 21st century this has all changed with cremation being the most popular funeral type. When you plan your own funeral in advance deciding if you want to be cremated or buried is a key decision.

Burials can be more expensive because in addition to paying for the funeral you will need to purchase a burial plot at a cemetery or religious property. The price or burial plots vary in price, the average price of a burial plot is around £1,200 however prices within Greater London can be much higher and prices vary by cemetery.

Cremation is the most popular option, over 80% of funerals are cremation. A cremation can be attended with a service at the crematorium or unattended which is commonly known as a direct cremation. Direct cremations have increased in popularity dramatically and provide a lower cost option that enables the life of the deceased to be celebrated by their family in their own unique way, as they wish.

When a person is cremated the ashes can be returned to family members to be scattered in a place of your choice, crematoria also provide the option of your ashes being scattered in the garden on remembrance at the crematorium.

2) Price and Budget

When you plan your own funeral in advance it is a good idea to decide how much you want to spend. Just like most other products and services the cost of funerals increase over time and the costs of your own funeral when time comes will more than likely be much higher when the time comes. One of the benefits when you plan you own funeral in advance is that you can purchase a pre-paid funeral plan which means you can fix the cost of your own funeral at today’s price to protect from future price rises.

Should you wish to prepay for your own funeral in advance it is a good idea to compare funeral plan prices and features to make sure you get the right plan, for your own funeral, at the best. You can view funeral plan prices when you plan your own funeral in advance when you Click Here

When you set up a funeral plan make sure you let your family know who the company is so they know who to contact when the time comes.

3) Prepaid funeral plans

Prepaid funeral plans start at £1,990 for an attended cremation. The best price prepaid funeral plan for a cremation without a service is £1,450.

When you plan your own funeral plan in advance and decide a prepaid funeral plan is the right choice for you, you can to choose to pay for the funeral plan in 1 payment or spread the cost monthly.

A prepaid funeral plan is a good idea for people who what to plan their own funeral in advance and pay for it as well so their families do not have the burden of cost. Funeral plans cover the key requirements for a funeral with the additional costs for the family to pay being for flowers and catering – when you plan your own funeral in advance you can set aside money to cover costs for catering and flowers separately if you wish.

Depending on your budget and circumstance is you choose to pay for a prepaid funeral plan in 1 payment when you plan your own funeral in advance you can do so by credit or debit card. Funeral plan companies do not charge you extra for paying by credit card and if you use a credit card to collect reward points this is often a popular method of payment.

You can pay over 12 months for no additional charge, should you pay for your funeral over 2 years or more an instalment charge applies.

Alternatively when you pay for your funeral plan in advance you can pay monthly over a number years, when you pay for your funeral in advance over 3 years or more you get full cover after 2 years. This means that if your funeral is required after you have made the 1st 24 monthly payments, and your payments are up to date the funeral will be provided as per the plan with nothing further to pay.

4) Location

When you pay for an attended funeral in advance the crematorium or cemetery to be used can be at a location of your choice. For an unattended cremation the crematorium is allocated by the funeral plan provider.

Should you move home to a different location this is absolutely fine as your funeral plan will move with you anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales – some funeral providers, including Plan with Grace, cover Ireland as well. Please keep you funeral plan provider updated of your current address.

5) Service type

When you purchase your funeral in advance and you require an attended funeral you can choose to have a religious or a non religious service. Crematoriums can ne used for services for all religions and non religious preferences.

There is no cost differentiation for religious or non-religious services.

6) Flowers and Charitable donations

You can decide if you would prefer mourners to make a charitable donation instead of sending flowers when you plan your own funeral in advance and if you choose to set up a prepaid funeral plan this requirement can be included as part of your funeral plan. You can also choose the types of flowers you would like and if you only require close family to provide flowers.

7) Music and readings

All crematoria and cemeteries have the facility to provide music which is often some form of music system and sometimes an organ is also available. When you plan your own funeral in advance you can decide what music and readings you would like to be included at your funeral service. Typically you can choose different music for the beginning, middle and closing of the service when you set up a plan your own funeral in advance.

8) Photos and Videos

Many crematoria and cemeteries have the facility for photos of the deceased to be displayed in addition to videos being included as part of the funeral plan service. When you plan your own funeral in advance you can decide what photos you may want displayed and any videos you wish to be shown, again if you choose to set up a pre-paid funeral plan these requirements can be included as part of your plan.

Webcasts can also be provided to enable live streaming of the funeral service for remote attendance.

9) Euology

A eulogy is the speech made as part of a funeral service that is a tribute to the person, the funeral is being held for, and celebrates the life of the deceased. The eulogy can be conducted by the officiant, family member or friend. Often the eulogy provides a summary of the deceased life and their achievements. When you plan your own funeral in advance there may be a specific person you wish to deliver the eulogy and you may have specific topics to be included in the speech. As is the case for all special requests you can document these wishes as part of a pre-paid funeral plan should you choose to plan your own funeral in advance.

10) Wake

A wake is described as a social gathering associated with death, usually held before a funeral however more commonly it is also described as the reception after the funeral which is also known as a funeral tea. When you plan your own funeral in advance you may have specific requirements for your wake in terms of the venue, food and drink to be served, if there is to be a theme and if you want a modest or more lavish affair. Prepaid funeral plans do not cover the cost of a wake or catering however you can still include your requirements as part of the plan so your loved ones are aware of what your wishes are so they can be carried out.

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