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Last updated: July 2018

You can set up a pre paid funeral in Londonderry and choose your preferred funeral director or a local funeral director in Londonderry can be allocated for you when you arrange your own funeral in advance.

This guide provides 10 useful to know points about setting up a pre paid funeral plan in Londonderry .

1 - The Price is Fixed

When you set up a funeral plan in Londonderry you fix the cost of your funeral at today’s price. This means that you are protected from future price rises. Just like may other products and service the cost of funerals increase in price over time and in the past 12 years the price of a funeral has doubled. The prepaid funeral plans compared on provide national coverage and 1 national price for each plan, so the price in Londonderry will be the same as anywhere else meaning that you will not be penalise for any regional variations in price. Plus should you move from Londonderry to a new locality your funeral plan will move with you. Some funeral plan providers may charge you if you move to a new area however the cheapest funeral plans compared at do not charge if you move house. When you compare plans when you Click Here  check the ‘More Details’ tab to see if there is a charge should you move from away from Londonderry .

2 - There are no health or medical checks

Unlike many insurance products when you set up a prepaid funeral plan in Londonderry , there are no health or medical checks, the only information you need to provide the funeral plan provider is your name, date of birth, contact and next of kin details. The funeral plan provider will allocate a funeral director local to Londonderry to carry out the funeral requirements. If you have a preferred funeral director all funeral plans that are priced at over £3,000 allow you to nominate your preferred funeral director in Londonderry .

Some funeral plan providers provide a payment option that provides full cover after the first 12 months of consecutive payments – these funeral plans that can be provided in Londonderry do not require health or medical checks either.

3 - You can get 1 policy to cover 2 people

A number of funeral plan providers that offer prepaid funeral plans in Londonderry allow the prepaid funeral plan to be set up in 2 names meaning that the prepaid funeral plan can be used by either person named on the plan – there are no additional charges for this option.

Other prepaid funeral plans available in Londonderry may also allow you to transfer the prepaid funeral plan to a differed person – although a charge may apply.

4 - There are different payment options

When you set up a funeral in Londonderry you can choose to pay for the funeral plan in 1 payment or spread the cost monthly. Most funeral plan providers will not charge if you spread the cost over 12 months, thereafter an instalment charge usually applies if the funeral plan is paid for over 2 years or more.

If you are paying for a funeral plan monthly and your funeral plan is required before you have finished paying for it then the balance will need to be paid for the funeral plan to be carried out. If you have taken out a monthly funeral plan that provides full cover after 1 year this would not apply, after 1 year of payments, however the monthly cost of these plans maybe higher than if you took our a monthly term plan from 1 to 30 years. The most common term for a funeral plan is 5 years. For more information on monthly funeral plans please Click Here.

When you set up a funeral plan to provide a funeral in Londonderry should you choose to pay for it by credit or debit card additional charges do not apply. If you opt to pay for your funeral plan monthly a minimum deposit may be required, if the funeral plan provider requires a minimum deposit this can vary between £49 and £815. The higher deposit you pay the lower your monthly instalments.

5 - You can save your family from paying

One of the main benefits, for many, is that when you set up a prepaid funeral plan for your funeral in Londonderry it means your family do not have the burden of paying for it because the funeral is prepaid. It also means family members do not need to worry about finding a local funeral director in Londonderry because the funeral director will be allocated by the funeral plan provider or you have chosen yourself. A funeral plan provider will either allocate a funeral director in Londonderry when you set the funeral plan up or at the time of need. When the time comes there will be one number to call and the funeral plan provider will immediately arrange for your local funeral director in Londonderry to collect the deceased and take to the funeral home to be prepared and cared for prior to the funeral.

6 - Cremation can be cheaper

Cremations are becoming increasingly popular and over 75% people choose to be cremated as opposed to buried. When you set up a funeral plan the cost of a plot is not included, because a burial is dependent on a plot, the burial plot will need to be purchased separately which can make the cost of the funeral more expensive. The price of burial plots in Londonderry vary by cemetery and graveyard. The regional variation in the price of burial plots can be considerable meaning that a burial plot in Londonderry may be cheaper or more expensive than a burial plot elsewhere. In addition the price of a burial plot will usually be cheaper in Londonderry if you are a resident of Londonderry . Being a resident in Londonderry is often defined by you paying council tax where the cemetery is in Londonderry .

7 - A funeral plan does not form part of your estate

Many people leave instructions about their funeral in their will which may also include if you have a prepaid funeral set up to cover the cost of your funeral in Londonderry . That said the value of your prepaid funeral plan is not included in your estate, the money paid for your funeral plan when you set up a prepaid funeral plan for a funeral in Londonderry is only to be used to be paid for your funeral.

8 - Your money is safe

When you pay for your funeral as part of a pre-paid funeral plan it is a legal requirement that your money is held in trust or whole of life policy so that your money is safe guarded and can only be used to pay for your funeral. If the funeral plan provider or the funeral director in Londonderry allocated to you went out of business your money would still be safe.

In addition if you pay for part or all of your prepaid funeral plan by Visa, MasterCard or Amex you are covered by the charge back scheme, for more information please Click Here.

For further information about keeping your money safe, when you set up a prepaid funeral plan please Click Here.

9 - You can save money when you compare plans provide a comparison service of over 90 prepaid funeral plans that provide funeral plans for Londonderry . Just like other products and services such as when you compare car insurance there are a number of companies that provide funeral plans in Londonderry and the price and payment options differ for each. The best priced funeral plan for you for a funeral in Londonderry can depend on what your requirements are, how much you want to pay and if you want to pay for your prepaid funeral plan in one payment of spread the cost monthly. For more information on monthly funeral plans please Click Here. The national providers of funeral plans offer plans at a set national price meaning that price of a funeral plan in Londonderry will be the same in another area of the your country and therefore the price of the plan is not dependent on where you live.

10 - What is and is not included

All prepaid funeral plans guarantee to cover the cost of the funeral director fees and services to provide your funeral in Londonderry . The funeral director will be local to Londonderry and can provide the coffin and hearse, arrange collection of the deceased, provide a chapel of rest facility, organise the service at the crematorium or cemetery nearest to Londonderry , provide all the staff required including bearers and liaise with family members providing advice and support where necessary. More expensive funeral plans can include limousines and an upgraded coffin.

Prepaid funeral plans also include payment of third party fees. These are fees that are not in control of the funeral director in Londonderry looking after your funeral. These fees are the cremation or interment costs; Minister or officiant fees to conduct the service and medical certification fees that may be required for cremation. Some prepaid funeral plans guarantee to cover these costs whereas other provide an allowance to contribute.

Pre-paid funeral plans do not include flowers, catering or order of service. Additional options such as the release of doves, speciality coffins, video streaming, horse and carts, weekend services and headstones are also not included. Repatriation is not included in any funeral plan and travel insurance that would cover repatriation would be an option to consider.

When you Click Here to compare plans please check the More Details tab for each plan to see what is included and what is not.

Should you require further assistance to set up a funeral plan in Londonderry you can arrange for consultant to call you, please use our Call Me Back service.

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