Criteria to be included in the comparison results tables

We compare funeral plans so that our customers can find the right funeral plan for them at the best price.

There are over 50 funeral plan providers in the UK, offering a number of plans each. Many of these providers are not registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) and do not provide national coverage.

It is important to us that the funeral plans we compare on our website meet with our criteria as part of our commitment to our customers to provide the optimum experience when using our services. You can find out more about our commitment to you in our Customer Charter when you Click Here.

Our criteria for a funeral plan provider and the plans they provide to be included in our results comparison tables are:

  1. The funeral plan company must provide national coverage
  2. The funeral plan must be administered by a company registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA).
  3. The funeral plan company must enable publication of their plan prices on line
  4. The funeral plan company must include payment of the cremation fees.

Why do we use this criteria?

National Coverage

Nobody knows what the future holds and having your funeral plan provided by a national provider means your funeral plan can move with you wherever you live. Funeral plan companies, that provide national coverage, will allocate a funeral director local to where you live so you can be assured of a local service in your area. If you have a funeral plan and move home to a different locality, please let your funeral plan provider know so a replacement funeral director can be allocated local to your new place of residence.

FPA Registered

The Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) is an organisation set up by the industry to regulate providers in the UK pre-paid funeral plan industry. Their primary aim is to ensure providers that are registered with the FPA are operating in a manner that will result in customers getting the funeral they have paid for when it is needed. They do this by checking that all registered providers abide by a set of Rules and a Code of Practice, which exceed the statutory requirements. Regulation by the Funeral Planning Authority is optional which is why not all funeral plans providers are included in our comparison service.

From 29th July 2022 funeral plans will be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the regulation requirement will be mandatory (as written in UK law).


To enable us to compare funeral plan prices on line we only compare prices of FPA registered providers that provide national coverage and enable publication of their plan prices on line. It is impossible for us to include a provider in our price comparison tables if their price information is not publicly available. It is important to us that are users are provided with clear price and transparent plan information to support an effective comparison experience.

Third Party Fees

We listen to our clients who tell us that when they set up a funeral plan they want a funeral plan that includes payment of appropriate third party fees, so there are not any unexpected costs for their family members to pay which is why we only compare funeral plans that include payments of cremation fees (we do not compare burial plans).

Medical certification fees (also known as doctors fees) are also referred to as third party fees, some funeral plans include the payment of these fees whereas others do not; the results comparison tables clearly label if doctors fees are included – Plan with Grace include payment of doctors fees in all their plans.

In addition Officiant fees are referred to as third party fees. This is the religious or non-religious person to conduct the service; you do not have to have an official officiant – family members and friends can conduct a funeral service at the crematorium. Memoria and Golden Charter do not include officiant fees in their funeral plans. Plan with Grace offer all of their plans with or without an Officiant – when you compare funeral plans here you can filter the results comparison tables to include or not include officiant fees.

Should you require any further clarification on our criteria please Contact Us.

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