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Funeral Plan Market™ is an independent and impartial comparison service of funeral plans so you can compare cheap funeral plans to get the best deal for you.

We compare national providers of funeral plans – we sort our results table based on price in order of the cheapest first. You can then filter the results table to meet with your requirements such as the number of limousines you require or your preferred service time.

As we all know a funeral will be required for all of us at some time so save some money by fixing the cost of your funeral at today’s prices and save your family the burden of paying for it when you put a cheap funeral plan in place today. You can either pay for your cheap funeral plan in one payment or spread the cost monthly – whatever your budget there is a cheap funeral plan to suit you.

Fortunately, you did not need to call round numbers of different funeral plan providers with Funeral Plan Market™ you can quickly compare funeral plans online when you Click Here.

What Details do I need to compare cheap funeral plans?

Unlike other websites you do not need to part with your personal information to compare cheap funeral plans at Funeral Plan Market™, all we ask is that you tell us your age and that way we can provide quote for the cheap funeral plans relevant to you.

Different funeral plan providers provide different payment term options when paying monthly depending on your age and we want to make sure that the monthly price quoted when you compare cheap funeral plans is accurate. For more information on monthly funeral plans please Click Here.

What cheap funeral plan is right for me?

There are over 90 funeral plans to choose plan, all are price differently based on what your requirements are. For example if you choose a funeral plan that does not include any limousines so you family will use their own cars this will be cheaper than if you choose a funeral plan that includes a limousine.  They are lots of funeral plan providers to compare so you can find a cheap funeral plan that suits you best. If you are happy for your funeral service to be held earlier in the day this can work out cheaper than if you choose a cheap funeral plan that provides an anytime of day service meaning the time of the service is agreed with your family so it is on a day and time to suit them.

When you are comparing funeral plans to find a cheap funeral plan you may also want to consider a direct cremation. Direct cremations do not include a funeral service and are becoming increasingly popular (David Bowie had one). The deceased is collected to be cremated with no mourners present and the ashes returned to the family – friends and family of the deceased can choose to celebrate the life of the deceased as they wish. For more information on direct cremations please Click Here.

Top tips for finding cheap funeral plans

When you compare funeral plans to find a cheap funeral plan that si right for you it is important to consider how you are paying for it and what is covered.

  • Paying in full

    If you are paying fop a cheap funeral plan in one payment the total price is a probably the best way to compare – please read the More Details information for the cheap funeral plan you are interested in to see what is and is not covered.

  • Third Party Fees

    A funeral plan guarantees to cover the funeral director’s fees and services which include the provision of the hearse and limousines [when included in the plan], the coffin and collection of the deceased. In addition, cover is provided for third party fees which include cremation/burial fees, minister/humanist costs to conduct the service and medical certification fees required for cremation in England and Wales when a coroners report is not available. For more information on third party fees please Click Here.

    When you set up a cheap funeral plan check to see if the plan guarantees to cover these third party fees of if an allowance is provided to cover the costs, surprisingly a cheap funeral plan does not mean a lower allowance. At the time of need if the third party fees are not guaranteed to be paid and the third party fee allowance provided does not cover then the family of the deceased may be asked to pay the balance.

  • Paying Monthly

    A cheap funeral plan when paying for a funeral plan monthly may not be the funeral plan that is the cheapest total price. This is because when you pay for you funeral plan over more than 2 years and instalment charge applies. The instalment charge varies by funeral plan provider and therefore the a funeral plan that has a higher total price may be cheaper when paid for monthly because the instalment charge is lower.

    Some funeral plans provide an insurance backed monthly payment option that provides full cover after 12 or 24 months of paying for the funeral plan – the monthly amount for these types of funeral plans varies by age – the monthly amount being higher the older you are. For more information on monthly funeral plans please Click Here.

  • Burials

    When you purchase a cheap funeral plan for a burial the cost of the burial plot is not included, this is the same for all funeral plan providers. If you are wanting a funeral plan for a burial you need to consider the cost of the burial plot as well when comparing cheap funeral plans. There are around 1,400 cemeteries in the UK so it is worth shopping around the cemeteries local to where you live if you need to buy a plot. The plot price will often be higher if you are not a local resident of the area. For more information about burials please Click Here.

  • Cremation

    When you purchase a cheap funeral plan for cremation there are a number of options to choose from including if you want an unattended service or a more lavish affair. Cheap funeral plans for cremation usually work out cheaper overall than those required for a burial because burial plot is not required to be purchased.

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We compare all regulated providers of funeral plans that provide national coverage. This way you can compare funeral plans on this website to make sure you are getting the right plan for you at the best price – plus we have exclusive prices that are only available through us which are the lowest priced plans available in the UK so you are guaranteed to get the lowest price plan. You will be pleased to know that these exclusive plans are also the most comprehensive – compare plans today when you click here.

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Here at Funeral Plan Market we shop around for you to make sure you are getting the best price funeral plan available in the market. If you are arranging a funeral for someone who has passed away we guarantee to be 40% cheaper than the average national price.

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It is important to us to provide the best service possible and our ethos is to be dignified, affordable and respectful. We are proud to be rates 4.8/5 on Feefo the independent review site - please read our reviews about our 5-star rated service.

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