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Price is an important factor when comparing any product and service which is evident in the rise of a number of price comparison sites operating in different industry verticals. Funeral Plan Market™ provides the largest comparison service of funeral plans in the UK enabling you to compare over 90 funeral plans online for cremation or burial.

If you choose to pay for your funeral plan monthly when considering what is the best funeral plan for you it is worth considering the different payment options available. Different funeral plan providers provide different terms for you to pay for your funeral plan from 1 to 30 years however if you have not finished paying for your funeral plan when it is needed you family will be required to pay the difference. Alternatively, you can take out a plan that provides full cover after 1 year.

Should you wish to pay for your funeral plan monthly, the cheapest funeral plan may not be the best option as more expensive funeral plans may provide lower monthly payment options. Plus, when deciding the best funeral plan for you it may not all be about price.

What’s included

Different funeral plans include different things. If you choose a direct cremation plan this does not include a funeral service – the body of the deceased is collected and cared for prior to the cremation and taken to the crematorium on the day of the funeral, the ashes can then be return to a family member or designated person. If you would like a no fuss, no frills funeral direct cremation plan maybe the best funeral plan for you.

For funeral plans that include a service, all plans include:

  • Collection of the deceased to take to funeral home
  • Care and preparation of the deceased prior to the service
  • Organising the service at the crematorium or cemetery
  • Transportation of the deceased to the funeral location
  • Advice and support for the family
  • Coffin

Depending on the plan additional services can also be included:

  • Limousine
  • Use of chapel of rest
  • Choice of service time
  • Upgraded coffin

Different funeral plans may also vary the time the deceased is collected, whether this be a 24 hours service or during office hours only.

When choosing the best funeral plan for you it is worth deciding what you want to be included in the plan to help decide which will be the best funeral plan for you.

When you compare funeral plans when you Click Here you can click on ‘more info’ for detailed information about each funeral plan and what is included.


All funeral plans guarantee to pay for the funeral director’s fees and services, which are those described in the list above. Also included in the funeral plan are disbursements, which are also known as third party fees. These fees are to cover the cost of cremation/interment fees, minister/officiant fees to conduct the service and doctors’ fees for cremation when required. For more information on third party fees please Click Here.

Some funeral plan provides provide an allowance to cover the cost of third party fees whilst others guarantee payment of. We often refer to funeral plans that guarantee payment of both the funeral directors fees and services in addition to third party fees as fully guaranteed plans. In cases where an allowance is provided the value usually increases, each year, in line with inflation as part of the plan - however if the allowance is not sufficient to cover the cost of third party fees a balance maybe required to be paid for by the family. Therefore, when choosing the best funeral plan for you, you may want to consider if you would prefer a fully guaranteed funeral plan. Funeral Plan Market™ exclusively provides the cheapest fully guaranteed plans for cremation in England and Wales, to compare these plans please Click Here.

For cremation only, doctors’ fees may be required to be paid when a coroner’s report is not available – this is roughly in 50% of cases, these fees are currently £164. Some funeral plan providers include doctors’ fees in their plans whereas others do not. Medical certification fees are not required for burials. When you compare funeral plans online at the results tables clearly label if the funeral plan includes doctors’ fees. If you choose a plan that does not include doctors’ fees, and these are required payment may need to be made by a family member and is another point to consider when you a choosing the best funeral for you.

Funeral Directors

All funeral plan providers work with a network of funeral directors and / or own their own funeral directors. If you have a specific funeral director that you would like to use the best funeral plan for you could be a funeral plan that allows you to nominate your preferred funeral director – this option is not available on most plans that are priced at over £3,000. Cheaper funeral plans stipulate that the funeral director will allocate a funeral director local to where you live and if you want to choose your own funeral director such a plan may not be the bets funeral plan for you.

Different funeral plan providers operate differently in terms of when a funeral director is allocated to funeral plan, some allocate within 30 days for the funeral plan being set up whilst others allocate at the time of need. It is worth noting that some funeral plan providers who allocate a funeral director within 30 days will charge you in you move home to a different locality and a different funeral director is then to be allocated – another point to consider when deciding which is the best funeral plan to choose.


The Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) is the regulator of funeral plans in the UK, however registration with the FPA is voluntary so not all funeral plan providers are FPA registered. It may be important to you that the funeral plan provider is FPA registered when you are deciding the best funeral plan to set up.

That said it is a legal requirement for all funeral plan provides to comply with Article 60 of the ‘Regulated Activities Order’ (Financial Services and Markets Act 2000) which details how your money is kept safe when you set up a funeral plan. only compare prices of funeral plan providers that provide national coverage and are FPA registered or make public how they comply with Article 60, if we are not able to verify this information we do not include the plans on our comparison and results table. To compare funeral plans to find the best funeral plan for you please Click Here.

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