National Federation of Funeral Directors

National Federation of Funeral Directors (NFFD) is the UK’s only trade body dedicated to increasing funeral cost transparency and pricing fairness.

The mission of the National Federation of Funeral Directors is to ensure that families are kept sufficiently informed regarding funeral processes and options. With funeral costs rising at a disproportionate rate compared to other industries, the NFFD have taken a tough stance to assist both funeral directors and families together.

According to the National Federation of Funeral Directors: when arranging a funeral, relatives are often distracted and have their minds on family matters only. Therefore they can be understandably vulnerable, so it’s imperative for families to shop around even when they really don’t feel like it as there is usually a much better, more affordable, option than just walking into your local funeral directors and asking for help. The NFFD also offers families 24/7 access for help and advice regarding arranging a funeral.

The National Federation of Funeral Directors is here to help and support, the consumer, every bit as much as they're here to help those who work in the industry. Naturally, when you lose someone you love, your priority is to honour them with a wonderful funeral. But contrary to common perception, the NFFD believes that this doesn't mean you should pay more than you can reasonably and comfortably afford.

According to the NFFD: there used to be a time when most communities were served by just one or two local funeral directors. Such limited availability meant most people had no option but to automatically turn to the same firm whenever there was a death in the family, and though most funeral directors were then, as now, fine, upstanding, characters, the lack of competition they faced meant those who perhaps weren't so scrupulous didn't have to worry that over-charging, or under-performing, would result in the bereaved taking their custom elsewhere.

The NFFD states that: over the last 5 years there has been a huge influx of new operators coming into the industry. Many are experienced, qualified, funeral directors, who believe, quite rightly, that is possible to provide the exact same standard of service that the long-standing firms provide, but at a fraction of the cost. With so much more choice and availability, it is no longer necessary for people to use the same firm without shopping around for best value first, and no longer acceptable or commercially viable for any funeral director - old or new - to charge more than is fair and reasonable.

In August 2014, the National Federation of Funeral Directors launched their revolutionary Funeral Directors Register, an online directory that you can use to search for reputable, affordable, funeral directors in your local area, and base your choice on customer ratings and reviews.

The National Federation of Funeral Directors has worked hard to ensure that they are recognised on the same level as other, more established trade bodies as the work they do is vitally important to funeral directors and customers alike.  In 2014, their code of conduct was submitted to for approval and the NFFD was included on their website: 

Also, the NFFD’s Fair Price Charter gives families access to funeral directors who’ve confirmed their ability to conduct a basic cremation for £3200 or less. For further information on the Fair Price Charter please Click Here.

NFFD members abide by the NNFD code of conduct that is designed, to encourage their members to engage with their local community, be clear and transparent on pricing and act in a manner befitting for a professional undertaker. To view the code of conduct of the National Federation of Funeral Directors please visit:


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