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September 2019

Royal London Research Report – September 2019

A new research report titled ‘Change on the Horizon’ reveals the average cost of a funeral is £3,785, a 0.7% increase annually (£3,757 in 2018). Funeral Directors costs have reduced by 1.1% over the same time period however the increase is due to 2.8% increase in cremation fees and a 3.6% increase in burial fees.

The report also highlighted the regional variations in funeral costs. To view the report in full please Click Here

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May 2019

Criteria – 1st May 2019

We have updated our criteria for funeral plan providers to be included in our results comparison tables. For further information about our Criteria please click here.

February 2019

Death Certificates – 16th February 2019

On 16th February 2019 the General Register Office (GRO) increased the price of death certificates to £11. This charge applies to all councils operating in England and Wales. Previously it was cheaper to purchase a death certificate at the time of registration however from 16th February 2019 the cost of a death certificate at the time of and after registration will be the same fee of £11.

There is no charge to register a death however to purchase a certificate the charge applies.

January 2019

i Newspaper – 25th January 2018

Funeral Plan market and our sister website Local Funeral Director were featured in the Money section of i News. The article reports on the CMA investigation into funerals and featured an interview with our founder.

To view the article please Click Here.

New Funeral Plans – 14th January 2019

Golden leaves Funeral Plans have updated their funeral plans to include guaranteed payment of cremation fees and minister/humanist fees on their Silver, Gold and Platinum plans. The minimum deposit requirement for their insurance backed plans – that provide full cover after 1 year – has reduced to £25 (from £99). In addition their Direct Cremation plan (called Copper) is now only £1,644 and includes guaranteed payment of cremation and medical fees.

For further information please Click Here.

November 2018

CMA Market Investigation - 29th November

On 29th November 2018, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published its interim report and consultation on the funerals market. As part of its interim report, the CMA has proposed that the funerals market should be referred to a CMA Group for a market investigation reference (MIR). The CMA investigation primarily concerns competition between and prices charged by funeral directors and crematoria. The CMA is not investigating the pre-paid funeral plan market; the CMA accepts that the take-up of pre-paid plans by customers may be relevant to their analysis, to the extent that it is having an impact on the demand for funerals purchased at the time of bereavement.

The CMA consider that the markets for funeral director and crematoria services are not functioning as well as they should be; the CMA consider that there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that there are features which prevent, restrict or distort competition in the markets for services by funeral directors at the point of need and crematoria services in the UK and that the legal test for making an MIR is met. To read the report in full please Click Here..

October 2018

Price Reductions – 2nd October

Safe Hands Funeral Plans have reduced prices on 3 of their plans by £100, these new discounted prices are valid until 31st December 2018.

For further information on funeral plans and to compare prices please Click Here.

September 2018

Price Reductions – 17th September 2018

Dignity have reduced prices on their plans by over £300, these new discounted prices are valid until 30th April 2019, as a result the price of all Age UK plans have also reduced and the equivalent plans are £25 cheaper.

Memoria have reacted to Dignity’s price reductions and reduced the price of the flexible plan to £2,745 and the eTraditional Extra plan to £3,745. This means Memoria are still the cheapest provider of cremation funeral plans and unlike Dignity the Memoria plans include medical certification fees required for cremation in England and Wales only when a coroner’s report is not required and cost £164.

For further information on funeral plans and to compare prices please Click Here.

Cost of Dying Report – 10th September 2018

Published by SunLife, The Cost of Dying Report is a sector-leading research paper, providing a credible and complete view of funeral costs over time. SunLife has been tracking funeral costs since 2004, while the specific data set compared in the Cost of Dying Report was established in 2007.

According to SunLife the increase in the average cost of a funeral has risen in price for a 15th year in a row, it now stands at £4,271 – which marks a 4.7% jump since 2017. This adds up to a 122% increase since SunLife started tracking funeral pricing back in 2004. Similar to the Royal London report the SunLife report states funeral directors fees for their professional services have fallen slightly however indirect costs have increased causing the overall average price for a funeral, to be higher than last year.

Again in similarity to the Royal London Report the SunLife report also highlighted the regional variations in funeral costs. To view the report in full please Click Here

To compare funeral plans to protect your family from paying, and to protect from regional price variations please Click Here.

Royal London Research Report – 5th September 2018

A new research report titled ‘Buried in Debt’ reveals the average cost of a funeral is £3,757, with costs having stabilised this year (£3,784 in 2017). This is the output of an increase in burial funerals (from £4,257 in 2017 to £4,267 in 2018) and a decrease in the cost of cremation funerals from £3,311 in 2017 and £3,247 in 2018). One in 10 (12%) took on debt to pay for a loved one’s funeral, with the average amount of debt taken on by individuals rising to an all-time high of £1,744.

The report also highlighted the regional variations in funeral costs. To view the report in full please Click Here

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June 2018

11th June 2018 - Introduction of Medical Examiners and Death Certification Reform in England

The Department of Health and Social Care has announced its reforms to death certification. The new system will be implemented from April 2019 to cover all deaths by the end of 2019 and become a statutory requirement 2 years later from 2021.

To view the published outcomes please Click Here

For further information please read our Guide to Third Party Fees when you Click Here.

1st June – Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)

Is was announced on 1st June 2018 that the CMA is launching a review into the £2 billion funerals market to ensure that people are not getting a bad deal. This reviews does NOT include prepaid funeral plans – in a parallel to the CMA’s review HM Treasury is launching a sperate Call for Evidence on regulation of the prepaid funeral plan sector. An interim report, presenting initial findings and views on potential remedies, will be published in 6 months, ahead of the final report in a year’s time. This market study will look into the how the prices of funerals have changed over time and whether information provided by funeral directors to customers about prices and services is sufficiently clear for people to choose the best option for them.

For information about this CMA market study please Click Here

1st June 2018 – HM Treasury

It was announced on 1st June 2018 by HM Treasury that an Open Consultation into the Prepaid Funeral Plan sector would commence because the “government has concluded that the current framework of self-regulation is not sufficient to ensure the fair treatment of consumers, and a more robust regulatory regime is needed.” This is a result of reports and evidence of “a lack of clarity for consumers, high pressure and misleading sales activity and a lack of access to redress schemes if things go wrong.” It is suggested to strengthen the regulation of the sector by bringing all pre-paid funeral plans into the remit of the Financial Conduct Authority (the FCA).

As part of this open consultation there is a ‘Call for Evidence’ which includes the response to 18 questions. The government is interested in views from all affected stakeholders, including funeral plan providers, funeral directors, insurers, asset managers, introducers, actuaries, solicitors, and consumer interest groups. This call for evidence is open for 2 months until 1st August 2018. is a genuine comparison site of funeral plans providing an online comparison service, for further information about the criteria for funeral plan companies to be included in our comparison results tables please Click Here. We believe that strengthening the regulation of the prepaid funeral plan sector will be beneficial to customers and we will submit a response to the call for evidence within the time frames permitted.

For further information about the open consultation by HM Treasury please Click Here.

1st June – Safe Hands Funeral Plans

Safe Hands Funeral Plans have increased the price of all their funeral plans by between £100 and £200 depending on the plan. Effective 1st June 2018 the price rises are detailed in the table below:

Plan Name

Play Type

New Price

Increase Amount


















No service



The Pearl, Sapphire and Ruby plans all include a £1,200 allowance towards third party fees. This third party fee allowance remains unchanged and increases annually in line with increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as part of the plan.

Of the providers included in the comparison results tables Safe Hands Funeral Plans are the 5th funeral plan company to announce a price rise this year. For more information about our criteria for a funeral plan company to be included in our results comparison tables please Click Here.

To compare funeral plans to find the right plan for you at the best price please Click Here.

May 2018

17th May 2018 – Bought by Many

Bought by Many began in 2012 creating groups for people with specific insurance needs and negotiating deals and discounts with established insurers and in 2017 launched their own unique insurance products. In addition Bought by Many publish a number of Reviews and Guides on their website, their funeral plan guide Best Funeral Plans  features as the website to visit to compare over 100 funeral plans online.

Funeral Plan Market™ Criteria - 16th May 2018

It is important to us here at Funeral Plan Market™ that we provide the optimum service in the comparison of funeral plans on our website which is why we constantly review our website and make changes to it so that we can continually improve our service.

In our About Funeral Plan Providers section we provide information about over 50 funeral plan providers in the UK – we do not compare prices for all of these providers on our results tables because not all funeral plan providers meet with our criteria to be listed on the comparison result tables for customers to compare prices. This criteria has been reviewed. The new, revised, criteria for a funeral plan provider to be included in our results comparison tables are:

  1. The funeral plan company must provide national coverage
  2. The funeral plan company must be FPA registered and/or make public how they comply with Article 60 of the ‘Regulated Activities Order’ (Financial Services and Markets Act 2000).
  3. If the funeral plan is not administered by a FPA registered provider the funeral director, to provide the services of the funeral plan, must be allocated at the point of plan set up.

Why do we use this criteria?

National Coverage

Nobody knows what the future holds and having your funeral plan provided by a national provider means your funeral plan can move with you wherever you live. All funeral plan companies will allocate a funeral director local to where you live so you can be assured of a local service in your area. If you have a funeral plan and move home to a different locality please let your funeral plan provider know so a replacement funeral director can be allocated local to your new place of residence.

Funeral Director Allocation

When a funeral plan company allocates a funeral director at the point of plan purchase this means that you will know which funeral director will carry out the services of the funeral plan, and subject to the funeral plan features you can nominate who your preferred funeral director is. When a funeral director is allocated the funeral director will have contractually agreed to provide the services. A funeral plan administered by an FPA registered provider has the benefit of the FPA rules therefore if a funeral plan is not administered by an FPA registered provider we think it is important that a contract is in place with a funeral director for the services of the funeral plan to be provided.

FPA Registered

The Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) is an organisation set up by the industry to regulate providers in the UK pre-paid funeral plan industry. Their primary aim is to ensure providers that are registered with the FPA are operating in a manner that will result in customers getting the funeral they have paid for when it is needed. They do this by checking that all registered providers abide by a set of Rules and a Code of Practice, which exceed the statutory requirements. All FPA registered providers that provide national coverage are included on the comparison results tables.

Article 60 of the ‘Regulated Activities Order’ (Financial Services and Markets Act 2000)

Article 60 of the ‘Regulated Activities Order’ is the part of UK law that stipulates how customer money is kept safe in a funeral plan, so it is important to us that we only compare funeral plan companies that provide information of how they comply with this legislation.

April 2018

Dignity – 20th April 2018

Dignity have issued a white paper about regulation of the funeral plan sector and how this could be enhanced. To view the white paper, please Click Here.

Dignity Funeral Plans – 13th April 2018

Dignity Funeral Plans ended their £100 discount today however great savings can still be made when you compare over 100 plans online at including the cheapest fully guaranteed plans for cremation in England and Wales. When you use our service to set up a funeral plan you get cashback, a free will service and £50 wine voucher. To compare plans please Click Here.

Royal London – 5th April 2018

Royal London now offer 2 funeral plans. These plans can only be paid for monthly until death or age 90 – whichever comes sooner. The 2 plans offered are: ‘The Traditional Funeral Plan’ that includes 1 limousine and ‘the Alternative Cremation Plan’ which is a direct cremation plan (without a funeral service).

For more information on Royal London Funeral Plans please Click here.

Golden Charter – 3rd April 2018

Golden Charter funeral plans have increased the price of 3 of their plans by £200. Their Value plan remains the same price at £2,895 and includes an increase in the allowance included for third party costs to £800 (from £700). The Standard plan increases in price to £3,495; their Select plan that includes 1 limousine is now £3,850 and the Premier plan that includes 2 limousines is now £4,099. The 3 plans that have increased in price have gone up by £200 each however the change also includes an increase in the third party cost allowance of £260 to £1,100 from £940 so the increase in the total price is less that the increase in the allowance.

There are many cheaper funeral plans available including the cheapest funeral plan available for cremation in England and Wales that is fully guaranteed at only £2,795.

To compare funeral plans to find the right plan for you at the best price please Click Here

March 2018

Rest Assured Plans – 26th March 2018

Funeral Plan Market™ is pleased to announce the inclusion of a Rest Assured Plans in our results and comparison tables when you compare funeral plans Here.

Rest Assured funeral plans are available exclusively only at Funeral Plan Market™ for £200 cheaper that the advertised retail price; plus you get £100 cashback, a free will service and £50 wine voucher when you use our service to set up a Rest Assured funeral plan.

Rest Assured are a new funeral plan provider who offer a variety of funeral plans that you can pay for in one payment or spread the cost monthly. Rest Assured funeral plans, that are paid for monthly, are cheaper than other funeral plan providers because the instalment charge made is much lower. Unlike many other plan providers who apply their handling fee cumulatively year on year, Rest Assured only apply theirs to each monthly amount debited from the clients account. In other words, their instalment charges are so much lower making their monthly payments significantly cheaper and hence the total amount payable over a monthly term much lower.

For more information about Rest Assured please Click Here.

UK Care Guide – 25 March 2018

Funeral Plan Market are pleased to announced they have partnered with the UK Care Guide to appear on their Funeral Plan Directory

The UK Care Guide website is designed to support those looking for help and information across a range of care related topics and part of their site helps people looking for prepaid funeral plans. As this is our specialist area, and as one of the leading provider's of funeral plans in the UK, it was very natural for us to partner together.    

The UK Care Guide website itself is a very useful resource if you are looking for support and help on a care related topic. If you or a loved one needs care then the site explains whether you may be entitled to NHS CHC Funding . Alongside this, the site can also help provide you or a family member with guidance on key legal topics such as estate planning , ways to mitigate your inheritance taxes, or explaining why making a will  is essential.  In addition to this there is a braod range of help and support for a range of healthcare related issues.

The UK Care Guide are selective about the partners they work with and we are therefore proud that we are now working together.

Our profile

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Here at Funeral Plan Market we pride ourselves on understanding the complex needs of funding your funeral, and are able to help you understand the range of options available to you.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

Special Offer Discounts

March is the time for discounts as 2 funeral providers have special offers running on their plans. Dignity are currently offering £100 discount on all funeral plans set up before 13th April 2018. Choice funeral plans are offering a £300 discount on plans set up with them before 31st March 2018. Choice have also reduced the minimum deposit required, when paying for a plan monthly to £250 (from £500) there is no deposit required when paying for a funeral plan monthly from Dignity.

To SAVE over £500 when you compare over 80 plans online to find the right plan for you at the best price please Click Here.

February 2018

Yahoo Finance – 20th February 2018

Funeral Plan Market™ was featured in an article on the Yahoo Finance website about the report we produced ‘An Easy Guide to Cremation Prices’

To view the article in full please Click Here

Funeral Service times – 16th February 2018

Funeral Plan Market™ was featured in an article on the Funeral Service times website about the report we produced ‘An Easy Guide to Cremation Prices

To view the article please Click Here.

Funeral Plan Market™ - Research Report - 15th February 2018

An Easy Guide to Cremation Prices

A new report by Funeral Plan Market™ investigates the variation in cremation prices across the UK – the findings being that the variation in price is more than double meaning that a cremation can cost over £500 more depending on where you live.

The average price charged by a crematorium in the UK is £780 (this typically covers the service in the chapel and cremation itself). Surprising London is cheaper @ £721, the most expensive area is Oxfordshire at £962.

Council operated crematoria are on average the cheapest although prices vary – the most expensive council run crematorium being in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, the cremation cost there is £959.

The average price of crematoria operated by private and public companies is higher however they offer longer time slots on average than council operated and as a result when calculating at cost per minute council operated crematoria prove to be the most expensive.

A funeral plan enables customer to pay for their funeral in advance and guarantees payment for the funeral directors fees and services. Payment of cremation fees and a minister or celebrant to run the service are not always guaranteed, whilst some funeral plan providers do guarantee the majority provide an allowance to cover. Investigations by Funeral Plan Market™ have found that this allowance may not always cover the costs required and therefore recommend that customers choosing a funeral plan that includes an allowance to cover third party fees [as opposed to a guaranteed plan] check that the allowance provided is sufficient to cover the cremation costs in their area and have published a regional guide to enable customers to do this. To view the guide please Click Here.

To compare over 80 plans including 4 guaranteed plans that available exclusively on this site please Click Here.

The report: ‘An Easy Guide to Cremation Prices’ compares the cost of cremation in all UK regions and details the contributing factors to price variations. To view the report in full please Click Here.

Funeral Planning Authority – February 2018

Prompting Customer Action

The most recent report by the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) shows that the average age for a British person to first consider planning their own funeral is 51. The FPA is the regulatory body for the prepaid funeral planning industry.

To read the article please Click Here.

New Guaranteed Funeral Plans Slash Prices – 9th February 2018

Funeral Plan Market™ are delighted to announce 4 new guaranteed funeral plans that are exclusive to Funeral Plan Market™ and not available anywhere else! These plans are suitable for customers who require a cremation in England and Wales. Provided by Memoria Low Cost Funeral Plans when customers pay for their funeral plan their money is held in a whole of life insurance policy which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority; customers can fix the cost of their funeral plan at today’s prices and benefit from the 5 star service Memoria deliver in addition to providing customers considerable savings on their funeral costs.

The new eTraditional Plus plan from Memoria provides the cheapest funeral plan available, for cremation, that includes provision of 1 limousine. This plan is only £3,495 plus we provide £50 cashback, a free will service and £50 wine voucher when you set up the plan using our service. The new entry level eFlexible plan is just £2,895 and is the only basic funeral plan that allows the family of the deceased to choose a time for the funeral service to suit them in addition to payment of third party fees being guaranteed.

A guaranteed funeral plan means the third-party fees included are guaranteed to be paid. Simply put the cost of a funeral is split between the funeral director’s costs for their services and third-party fees. Third party fees are the charges for the cremation, minister/celebrant fees to conduct the service and medical certification fees required for a cremation when a coroner’s report is not available. The majority of funeral plans provide an allowance to cover these costs; if this allowance does not cover the amount required the family may be asked to pay the difference – having a guaranteed plan can be reassuring for customers to know that their families will not be faced with such additional costs, especially as cremation costs can vary significantly across the UK.

To find our how much you can save when you compare plans please Click Here.

Golden Leaves Funeral Plans – 5th February 2018

Effective 5th February 2018 Golden Leaves Funeral Plans have increased in price by £99 each. The price rise is to account for a small increase in funeral director professional fees and a £49 increase in the Golden Leaves administration fee. Their administration fee has been kept static for the last six years but unfortunately increases in fixed costs have now made the implementation of an increase to this fee unavoidable.

Golden Leaves remains one of the most competitively priced funeral plan providers in the UK today. Their entry level plan, the Zinc plan, provides a comprehensive funeral plan package that includes a £940 disbursement allowance and at the new price of £2,859 remains the lowest price funeral plan of its kind in the UK. This Zinc plan is a Funeral Plan Market recommended ‘Best Buy’. For further information on how we determine ‘Best Buy’ please Click Here.

To compare Golden Leaves Funeral Plans please Click Here.

Safe Hands Funeral Plans – February 2018

Effective 1st February 2018 Safe Hands Funeral Plans have enhanced their funeral plan features to include allocation of a local funeral director to be done at the time a funeral plan is set up (as apposed to at the time of need). This means that plan holders will know who their Funeral Director will be, local to where they live; plans holders can contact Safe Hands Funeral Plans or the Funeral Director with any specific requirements or questions they may have.

In addition the 20 mile radius for collection of the deceased to take to the funeral home is increased to 25 miles; this means that providing the distance to collect the deceased to take to the funeral home is within 25 miles no mileage charge will apply. All Safe Hands Funeral Plans now include 4 bearers; use of the chapel of rest is no longer restricted to office hours only and will now at a time and date to be mutually agreed between the Funeral Director and family.

The cancellation period for a customer to cancel their plan for no charge and to receive a full refund of money paid has increased to 30 day (from 21 days). Should a plan holder cancel their funeral plan after the 30 day cancellation period a £249 cancellation fee will apply (this a reduction in the cancellation fee that was previously £495) – any refund due will be made less the cancellation fee should a plan holder cancel outside of the 30 day period.

Safe Hands Funeral Plans remain the same price and there has been no increase to plan prices however should a customer wish to add an additional limousine to a plan the charge is now £275 (Previously £240). The ‘Your Simplest’ plans have been removed from sale and are no longer available to new customers. Safe Hands Funeral Plans continue to have the largest third party fee allowance of £1,200 to cover cremation/interment; minister/celebrant and medical fees required for cremation.

The £1,200 allowance increases in value, as part of the plan, in line with inflation each year. Safe Hands are one of the few providers that includes medical fees required for cremation in their third party fee allowance. These medical fees are only payable in England and Wales when a coroner’s report is not available [these medical fees are not payable in Scotland].

To compare Safe Hands Funeral Plans please Click Here.

January 2018

Perfect Choice – January 2018

Perfect Choice Funeral Plans [provided by Ecclesiastical Services Limited] have increased prices on 3 cremation plans by £50. This reflects an increase of their 3rd party allowance fee of the same amount from £1,150 to £1,200. This allowance of £1,200 is to cover payment towards the fees for cremation, medical fees for Cremation Certificates and payment to a minister or officiant.

All prices have been updated on the results comparison tables. To compare funeral plans please Click Here.

December 2017

Dignity – 15th December 2017

Dignity have increased the prices of their set prepaid funeral plans. This comes as no surprise because Dignity have advertised this fact on their website, for some time.

The Limited and Pearl plans have increase in price by £100; the Pearl plan has gone up by £126 and the Diamond plan has had the largest price increase of £136.

In addition to the price changes Dignity have extended the instalment period from 15 years to 25 years, for those wishing to pay for their funeral plan monthly. This means that customers can pay for their Dignity funeral plan over a longer period to reduce the monthly payment amount – please note that instalment charges apply and the longer it takes you to pay for your funeral plan the more you will pay in instalment charges.

Dignity have also increased their cooling off period to 30 days (from 28 days) and increased their third party allowance for burial plans by £20 to £1,220.

For further information on Dignity funeral plans and to compare prices please Click Here.

November 2017

The Mail on Sunday – 26th November 2017

Funeral Plan Market was featured in the Personal Finance section of The Mail on Sunday and in the Money section of the Mail Online. The articles featured an interview with one of our fabulous customers, Heather who set up her funeral plan, using Funeral Plan Market earlier this year. The article recommends Funeral Plan Market as the go to destination to compare funeral plans online.

For further information and to view the article in full please Click Here.

Pride Planning

Pride Planning announced that customers are now able to pay for their funeral plan using the digital currency Bitcoin.

Wales – Agreement reached to scrap burial and cremation fees for children

The Welsh Government has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with local government to stop charging for the burial of children, ensuring there is a clear, fair and consistent approach across Wales.

To support local authorities in making this step, the Welsh Government is making up to £1.5m available between now and 2020. This funding will also be available to all other providers of cemeteries and crematoria in Wales who agree not to charge on the same basis.

The MOU comes into force with immediate effect and the First Minister is urging councils to ratify the agreement as soon as possible.

For further information please Click Here

Co-op Funeral Care

All funeral plans from Co-op Funeral Care now include the Co-op Commitment if you choose to pay in instalments over 2 – 25 years. If you die after the first 12 months of your plan, but before all your instalments have been paid, Co-op will still deliver all the services provided in your plan, with no more for your family to pay. Instalments must be paid up to date and your funeral must be arranged and carried out by a Co-op Funeral Director. For further information please refer to the Co-op funeral care terms and conditions.

The impact of this change is that the monthly instalment prices when paying for a Co-op Funeral Care plan over 2-25 years are now higher than before the Co-op Commitment feature was included. recommend that customers compare monthly costs and total amount payable in addition the actual plan price. To compare funeral plans please Click Here.

You and Yours – 3rd November 2017

The You and Yours show on BBC Radio 4 have reported that some websites that claim to offer comparisons of funeral plans may just be generating leads that are sold on to agents or funeral companies. The Funeral Planning Authority says funeral plan providers should not be working with websites that mislead customers. Funeral Plan Market is proud to be a website that provides a comparison of national UK providers online to enable customers to compare funeral plan features and prices. To compare plans Click Here.

October 2017

Yorkshire Post – 30th October

Funeral Plan Market was featured in the Business section of the Yorkshire Post. The article featured an interview with our founder Sally Hill. To view the article in full please Click Here.

Mail Online – 28th October

Funeral Plan Market was featured in the Femail section of Mail Online. The article featured an interview with our founder Sally Hill. To view the article in full please Click Here.

Cash Hack

Sun Newspaper – 21st October 2017

Funeral Plan Market was featured in the money section of The Sun which highlighted that Funeral Plan Market is the UK’s comparison website for funeral plans. To compare funeral plans please Click Here.

Good House Keeping – 5th October

How to Reduce Funeral Costs

Funeral Plan Market is featured in the Good Housekeeping article about funeral prices.
To view the article in full please Click Here.

September 2017

Digital comparison tools market study

Published [on 26th September 217] by the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) this report this is the final report on the CMA’s market study on comparison sites and apps (digital comparison tools / DCTs). A DCT means digital intermediary services used by consumers to compare and potentially to switch or purchase products or services from a range of businesses.

The CMA work to promote competition for the benefit of consumers, both within and outside the UK. Their aim is to make markets work well for consumers, businesses and the economy.

The CMA consumer survey found that 85% of UK customers with access to the internet had used a DCT at least once before and the use of DCTs is on the increase. Over 71% of internet users had used a DCT in the last year.

The report states that “If consumers do not shop around, they are unlikely to obtain the best or most appropriate deals available in the market” and that “DCTs can make it easier to shop around” and using “comparison sites can save you time and money”.

The CMA have identified 4 high-level principles (CARE) of how DCTs should behave. DCTs should treat people fairly by being:

Clear – DCTs are to explain their services and how they make money

Accurate – DCTs are to provide information that is complete, correct, relevant, up-to-date and not misleading

Responsible – DCTS are to protect people’s details and be easy to deal with

Easy to use – DCTS are to make information easy to find and understand

Funeral Plan Market takes the recommendations of the CMA very seriously and acts upon these in consideration of our Customer Charter to provide customers the optimum experience when using our service. Funeral Plan Market is a DCT for the funeral plan sector.

Funeral Plan Market abides by the CARE principles. To view the report, by the CMA, in full please Click Here.

Cost of Dying Report 2017

Published by SunLife their annual Cost of Dying report reveals that the cost of a basic funeral has risen for the 14th year in a row and now stands at £4,078, an increase of 4.7% in just one year and a huge rise of 112% since SunLife started tracking funeral pricing in 2004 (which is much higher than the average increase in wages).

The key findings of the report include:

  1. In addition to the cost of the funeral the average amount spend on the send-off in 2017 is £1,928, This figure is the combined cost of the memorial, death and funeral notices, flowers, order sheets, extra limousines, the venue and catering for the wake. This amount has dropped in the past year from £1,976 in 2016 suggesting that people are trying to balance the ever rising cost of a funeral by cutting down on the costs they can control.
  2. The average amount spent on hiring professionals to administer the estate is £2,899
  3. Cremation and Burial costs vary across the UK – it is noted that the benefit of a pre-paid funeral plan is that there is no regional variation in price.
  4. This year, the SunLife research found that 58% of people had made specific financial provision to pay for their funeral before they died; this is a fall on last year’s figure of 62%. It is noted that if a customer does not have a pre-aid funeral plan in place the financial provision may not be sufficient to cover the cost of the funeral leaving the family and loved ones with the burden of finding the balance required to pay for the funeral.
  5. Financial Problems: For one in nine families, finding the money to pay for their loved ones’ funeral caused them financial problems, down from one in seven in 2016. This group had to find, on average, £3,102 and to pay for this, 27% had to borrow money from a friend or relative, 23% had to put the costs onto a credit card and 13% had to get a loan. A further 12% worked out an instalment plan with the funeral director while 12% actually had to sell belongings to cover the cost. The rest took money from their own savings.
  6. The research, by SunLife, shows that if the cost of funerals continues to rise at the same rate, the average funeral will cost almost £5,000 in five years’ time. It is noted that people can purchase a comprehensive funeral plan using the Funeral Plan Market comparison service for £2,760 which fixes the costs of the funeral at this price regardless of when it is used, customers can pay for the funeral plan in full or spread the cost monthly from as little as £22.70 per month.

To read the report in full please Click Here

August 2017

Consumer Protection

There has been some publicity about how customers are protected when they purchase a funeral plan, to view the article that provides further information about consumer protection please Click Here.

A False Dawn – Funeral costs rise again

Published by Royal London this report provides information on funeral costs, funeral spending and funeral debt in the UK and the changes observed in the past year.

The key findings of the report include:

  1. The average cost of a funeral in 2017 is now £3, 784 and increase of 3% on 2016
  2. A worrying number is that in 2017 the average debt taken on by a person paying for a funeral (usually for that of a family member) has risen to £1,680, up from £1,601 in 2016. 16% of people stated they struggled with funeral costs. Funeral poverty now stands at a record level of more than £160 million (up from around £150 million in 2016) due to the deceased not having sufficient provisions in place to pay for their own funeral, leaving the family members to foot the bill.
  3. In 2017 the average costs of a burial is £4,257 and the average costs for a cremation is £3,311.
  4. There is evidence of a shortage of burial plots although the majority of people choose to be cremated.
  5. There is a huge variation in funeral directors; costs, the highest variation found being a staggering £2,365! It is noted that customers who have a pre-paid funeral plan in place do not have the burden of this variation because the funeral plan guarantees to cover all of the funeral directors fees.

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July 2017

YouGov Funeral Planning 2017 Report

This YouGov Reports publication is the fifth in the series examining funeral planning. It examines attitudes, approaches and experiences concerning funerals and funeral plans, using consumer research amongst people who have recently organised a funeral. 

The key findings of this report include:

  1. Only 13% of adults aged over 55 in the UK have a pre-paid funeral plan. This is in contrast to other European nations where end-of-life planning is much more common. In Holland, 70% of people have a funeral plan, whilst 20 million Spaniards have funeral insurance.
  2. People in Wales are 50% less likely to have a funeral plan than other parts of the UK
  3. People who have never married are 4x less likely to have a funeral plan
  4. There is relatively little difference between men and women taking out funeral plans
  5. When analysing the results by income, those that had retired were more likely to plan ahead. However, the percentage of retirees who had a funeral plan in place was still only 16%. This shows how few people are taking funeral plans seriously, even when end-of-life planning is essential.
  6. The average weekly income in the UK after tax is only £194, meaning families often have to resort to credit cards or personal loans to pay the considerable bill for a loved one’s funeral. With nearly ten million households in the UK having no cash savings, many poorer families could even face the nightmare scenario of having no money to lay their loved one to rest.
  7. Importance of planning ahead: Planning ahead can be a smart financial move. By fixing your funeral costs at today’s prices you can potentially save your family thousands of pounds. Making your funeral arrangements in advance will also save your loved ones from the stress of planning your funeral at an already emotional time. They will know that all your wishes are being met and you are getting the send-off you would have wanted.

Fairer Finance – Research Report 7th July 2017

Is the prepaid funeral market working well for customers?

Commissioned by Dignity [a funeral plan provider] this report highlights the variation in standards across the funeral plan sector. The report includes market analysis and policy recommendations to improve customer outcomes.

Some key findings of the report include:

  • "lead collection websites compounded the appearance of being comparison services" the research shows that whilst these sites gave the impression of being independent comparison services the customer was pushed towards a specific provider’s plans
  • The report highlighted that in many cases customers were given the impression that such websites would provide a quote as expected on a comparison site but instead the customers details were passed on to other companies for the customer to be contacted by phone – the customer was unable to compare funeral plans on line as expected.

Funeral Plan Market’s mission is to: enable customers to compare and arrange funeral plans online for the best price, on this website all national funeral plan providers are compared without any bias and no need for telephone calls – although a telephone phone service is provided for customers that would like it.

The report also highlights the risk of all disbursement costs not being covered by a funeral plan, these costs are also referred to as ‘3rd Party Fees’.  Funeral Plan market explain 3rd party fees so that the information provided to customers is clear; for further information on 3rd Party fees please Click Here.

The report focused on consumer protection and how customer money was kept safe, for further information on Consumer Protection please Click Here, to read about funeral plan providers’ Trust Funds please Click Here.

The report provides 2 clear Conclusions:

  • Regulation

    The report acknowledged the lack of regulation of third party sales firms and Fairer Finance recommends that the prepaid funeral plan sector should be under FCA [Financial Conduct Authority] regulation – our customers have peace of mind that Funeral Plan Market is authorised and regulated by the FCA as an appointed representative and is listed on The Financial Services Register under the Reference number: 790267 (which can be found on the Financial Conduct Authority website).

  • Sales

    Research indicated that customers were not being provided with sufficiently clear and accurate information.
    In addition to complying with the requirements of FCA regulation, Funeral Plan Market abides by the CARE principles (as recommended by the CMA – for further information please Click Here). Funeral Plan Market provides clear and accurate information about each funeral plan, including what is and is not included to enable our customers to make an informed decision.

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