Funeral Directors

Last Updated: 15th March 2022

Funeral Directors

Funeral Directors first became active in the 18th century and became a more recognised profession in the early 20th century when funeral director trade bodies and associations were formed. There are over 5,000 funeral directors in the UK; approximately 1,200 of these are Co-operative funeral directors, approximately 800 are Dignity funeral directors and over 3,000 are independent funeral directors.

Funeral Plan Market™ provides a national funeral director service to provide funeral arrangements for those arranging a funeral for a person that has passed away. Funeral packages start form £999 and we are on average 40% cheaper than the average national price for an attended cremation.

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Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

It is against the law for a funeral director to be paid for a funeral BEFORE the person has passed; to pay for a funeral in advance a pre-paid funeral plan must be purchased, and the funeral plan provider will allocate a funeral director to look after the deceased when the time comes. Depending on the funeral plan type purchased you may be able to nominate a preferred funeral director. When you purchase a pre-paid funeral plan you pay for the plan in 1 payment or monthly. The funeral plan provider will pay the allocated funeral director for all the services included in the funeral plan at the time of need.

Funeral Plan Market™ exclusively sells Plan with Grace funeral plans.

Plan with Grace

Plan with Grace is a funeral plan provider that enables you to deal with a local funeral director, the people that will organise your funeral or a direct cremation specialist.

Plan with Grace believe that people planning their funeral want to deal with local people. They want to be sure that their funeral will be conducted with a personal touch, to their precise instructions, by a firm with whom their family has dealt for generations or a funeral director that has been carefully selected by Plan with Grace to provide the services locally.

Plan with Grace operate a network of independent funeral directors, across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. When you set up a funeral plan with Plan with Grace the funeral director allocated to look after the deceased is confirmed within 6 weeks (of the funeral plan set up date) and a certificate is issued for your ease of reference.

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