Funeral Directors

Last Updated: 12th January 2021

Funeral Directors

Funeral Directors first became active in the 18th century and became a more recognised profession in the early 20th century when funeral director trade bodies and associations were formed. There are over 5,000 funeral directors in the UK; approximately 1,200 of these are Co-operative funeral directors, approximately 800 are Dignity funeral directors and over 3,000 are independent funeral directors.

Funeral Plan Market™ provides a national funeral director service to provide funeral arrangements for those arranging a funeral for a person that has passed away. Funeral packages start form £999 and we are on average 40% cheaper than the average national price for an attended cremation.

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Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

It is against the law for a funeral director to be paid for a funeral BEFORE the person has passed; to pay for a funeral in advance a pre-paid funeral plan must be purchased, and the funeral plan provider will allocate a funeral director to look after the deceased when the time comes. Depending on the funeral plan type purchased you may be able to nominate a preferred funeral director. When you purchase a pre-paid funeral plan you pay for the plan in 1 payment or monthly. The funeral plan provider will pay the allocated funeral director for all the services included in the funeral plan at the time of need.

Funeral Plan Market™ provides a whole of market comparison of funeral plans to enable clients to compare plans online; Funeral Plan Market™ provides Plan with Grace funeral plans exclusively, which are the best price.

Plan with Grace

Plan with Grace is a funeral plan provider that enables you to deal with a local funeral director, the people that will organise your funeral or a direct cremation specialist.

Plan with Grace believe that people planning their funeral want to deal with local people. They want to be sure that their funeral will be conducted with a personal touch, to their precise instructions, by a firm with whom their family has dealt for generations or a funeral director that has been carefully selected by Plan with Grace to provide the services locally.

Plan with Grace operate a network of independent funeral directors, across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. When you set up a funeral plan with Plan with Grace the funeral director allocated to look after the deceased is confirmed within 6 weeks (of the funeral plan set up date) and a certificate is issued for your ease of reference.

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How do I know I am getting the best price?

We compare all regulated providers of funeral plans that provide national coverage. This way you can compare funeral plans on this website to make sure you are getting the right plan for you at the best price – plus we have exclusive prices that are only available through us which are the lowest priced plans available in the UK so you are guaranteed to get the lowest price plan. You will be pleased to know that these exclusive plans are also the most comprehensive – compare plans today when you click here.

Do I need to shop around?

Here at Funeral Plan Market we shop around for you to make sure you are getting the best price funeral plan available in the market. If you are arranging a funeral for someone who has passed away we guarantee to be 40% cheaper than the average national price.

How good is the service?

It is important to us to provide the best service possible and our ethos is to be dignified, affordable and respectful. We are proud to be rates 4.8/5 on Feefo the independent review site - please read our reviews about our 5-star rated service.

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