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Last Updated: 15th March 2022

Why take out a Funeral Plan?

In the last 12 years funeral costs have more than doubled in price. A funeral plan is a way of protecting you and your family against rising funeral costs, and they make sure when it comes to it, what you want on the day is clear.

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Are Funeral Plans fully guaranteed (meaning when the Plan holder dies, that there won’t ever be anything extra for loved ones to pay)?

A funeral plan usually covers the funeral directors fees and services including collection of the deceased, care, provision of a coffin, transportation and organising the funeral or cremation plus payment of third party fees. Depending on the funeral plan purchased payment of third party fees may or may not be guaranteed to be paid. Depending on the funeral plan purchased additional charges may apply such as weekend collection charges, additional mileage and removal of artificial limbs or pacemaker.

How does a Funeral Plan work?

When the deceased has a funeral plan the family do not need to find a funeral director all that is needed is for the telephone number on the funeral plan documentation to be called. The funeral plan provider will already have allocated the funeral director who will arrange to collect the deceased and will liaise with the family regarding the funeral arrangements as per the funeral plan purchased by the deceased including their wishes included in the plan information such as service type and where they would like their cremated remains to be scattered.

What happens to Plan holders’ monies if the Funeral Plan company goes out of business?

When a person pays for a plan it is a legal requirement for the plan holders money to be held in trust or whole of life policy so it is independent of the plan company’s finances, therefore if the funeral plan company goes out of business the plan holder’s monies are still held securely to be used for the plan holder’s funeral.

What is the ‘Instalment Handling Charge’

This is the charge for paying in instalments. Most funeral plan companies charge an instalment charge when paying for a funeral plan over a time period of more than 12 months.

What are disbursements or 3rd party charges?

Disbursements are also know as third party fees and refer to the funeral costs not charged directly by the funeral director including doctors fees, cremation fees, burial fees and officiant fees. For more information about third part fees please Click Here.

How do I pay for a Funeral Plan?

When you pay for a funeral plan you can pay for it in one payment of monthly. When you pay for a funeral plan in one payment you can pay by credit or debit card. When you pay for a funeral plan monthly you can pay by direct debit or have the monthly payment amounts charged to a credit or debit card.

Do Funeral Plans cater for burial, or just cremation?

Funeral plans can cater for burial or cremation. Burial plans do not include the burial plot. In most cases burial plans do not guatantee payment of the burial fees – an allowance towards the burial fees is included which may or may not cover the burial fees at the time of need which may mean there is an additiona amount payable at the time of need. Many funeral plans for cremation guarantee payment of the cremation fees.

Can a plan be transferred from one person to another?

Sometimes. It depends of the terms of your funeral plan whether a funeral plan can be transferred from one person to another. As an example Golden Leaves do not allow funeral plans be be transferred from one person to another whereas Plan with Grace do.

Do Funeral Plan customers have to pass a medical?

No. When you purchase a funeral plan there are no health or medical checks.

If I move house to another part of the UK, will it affect my funeral plan in any way?

Additional charges may apply. When you move home please let your funeral plan provider know, should you move home to a different locality and a different funeral director needs to be allocated an additional charge may apply – this depends on who your funeral plan provider is. As an example Golden Charter may charge whereas Plan with Grace do not.

If I move abroad to a country outside of the UK, will if affect my funeral plan in any way?

Yes, your funeral plan can only be used in mainland UK. Avalon and Golden Leaves offer services in some European countries however an additional charge will apply for your funeral plan to be used in one of these countries. If you move abroad you can cancel your funeral plan and receive a refund less an administration fee.

What happens if a Plan holder dies away from home, but in the UK?

An additional charge may apply. Different funeral plans have different mileage inclusions, some plans include collection form anywhere in the UK whereas others restrict the included travel distance to a given number of miles within the radius of the funeral home which is typically 25 or 50 miles. Should the plan holder die away form home and the distance travelled to collect is greater than that included in the plan and additional amount will be payable at the time of need.

What happens if a Plan holder dies away from home, but outside of the UK?

Should the plan holder pass away from home, but outside of the UK their body will need to be repatriated to the UK – most travel insurance policies cover the cost of repatriation. The funeral director will then collect the deceased from the port. Should the distance travelled to the port to collect be greater than any mileage restriction included on the plan an additional charge may apply for the miles travelled.

What are the key aspects of Funeral Plan Providers Trust Funds?

For further information about Trust Funds please Click Here.

Are the Trust Funds compliant with all relevant legislation?

Yes, all Funeral Plan Providers compared on Funeral Plan Market regard it to be of paramount importance that their Plan holder’s investments are safe and secure. Great care has been taken to ensure the funds comply with all current legislation as set out in the Regulated Activities Order (Financial Services & Marketing Act 2000).  All of the Funeral Plan providers compared are registered providers of the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) and comply with their rules of practise.

Can Funeral Plan customers nominate any firm of funeral directors to undertake their funeral?

This depends on the funeral plan provider and the plan you choose. There is no choice of funeral director on a direct cremation plan. Some funeral plan providers will allow you to nominate a preferred funeral director, however the funeral director will need to be part of the funeral plan providers network. As an example Co-op Funeral plans will only allocate Co-op funeral directors.

Will the funeral director who undertakes the funeral be local?

When viewing is included in the funeral plan the funeral director is always local. For funeral plans that do not include viewing it is not essential for the funeral director to be local and therefore the radius that the funeral director is located may be greater than 5 miles. For attended cremations the crematorium is always local and can be chosen by the plan holder or family members.

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