Cremation Prices

Last Updated: 11th March 2022

The price of a cremation charged by crematoria varies significantly across the UK, the price variation being more than double. The lowest price cremation charge in the UK is at Belfast crematorium (for Belfast residents only) that charge £392 followed by South West Middlesex crematorium that charge £556 for a week day attended cremation; the most expensive crematorium is Park Grove Crematorium in Friockheim that charge £1,100 - 180% higher than Belfast.

Cremation fees are also known as a third-party fee, for more information about third party fees please Click Here.  Of the funeral plans compared some guarantee payment of cremation fees whereas others provide an allowance to pay for third party fees which may or may not cover the cremation fees.  The comparison tables clearly label if the funeral plan guarantees payment of cremation plans when you compare plan prices Here.

Cremation Price Guide by Region

Approximately 60% of crematoria are council owned and the remainder are predominantly owned by private companies in addition to Dignity that are public listed company on the London Stock Exchange; most Dignity crematoria charge a price higher than the UK average. When you purchase a funeral plan that guarantees payment of the cremation fees the cremation price at the crematorium used will be paid in full. Should you appoint Funeral Plan Market™ as the funeral director to look after the funeral for a person that has passed away our funeral packages include payment of the cremation fees at a set price, this means it does not matter what the regional variation in the cremation price is because we charge a set rate for our packages. For further information on the packages available for when a person has already passed please Click Here.

Should you wish to compare the prices of crematorium by region you can view the 2021 cremation fee league table publish by the Crematorium Society Here please note that the 2022 price may be higher.

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